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Engineering Manufacturing Readiness Levels

Engineering Manufacturing Readiness Levels (EMRLs) are a means of concisely and effectively assessing and communicating the degree to which a product is designed to be producible, reliable, and affordable.


  • Measure product or program maturity and progress during design, development, and production
  • Capture the knowledge required to successfully transition through all acquisition phases with minimal risk
  • Consist of six levels (0-5) with twenty criteria and metrics for each
  • Levels are matched to an established product development milestone or gate
  • Provides a concise, easy to use, measure of product maturity measured against the maturity required for the desired milestone or gate
APT Corp., with our experienced staff and tools, conducts efficient and unobtrusive EMRL assessments independently or in tandem with normal program reviews. APT Corp. assessments are accomplished by a small team using normal program deliverables, supplemented by focused reviews of risk areas.

APT Corp's experience and assessment tools incorporate the complex inter-relationships of the DoD Acquisition Framework including program milestones and associated exit criteria included in the graphic below.
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