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A.2 - Industrial Base

Mfg Science & Advanced Mfg Technology requirements identified.

Help Text:

To start assessing the manufacturing processes of the proposed alternatives so as to identify advanced manufacturing technologies required to support those alternative designs. To use this process information to understand risk of the various alternatives as the program proceeds into Technology Development (TD). To quantify the risk of achieving program objectives and implement mitigation efforts. The program needs to understand the manufacturing risk of each proposed alternative and to reflect that risk in program planning efforts.  It is crucial to perform a manufacturing feasibility study each proposed alternative and understand what, if any, new manufacturing technologies are required.  At the end of this phase, the alternative that best addresses user requirements will proceed into TD.  Manufacturing risk of selected alternative(s) will also be addressed in funding, planning, and other key program documentations (e.g., the Technology Development Strategy).

Sources of Information:  
This data should come from the design and manufacturing departments.
1. Have pertinent Manufacturing Science (MS) and Advanced Manufacturing Technology requirements been identified?

Additional Considerations:  
• Has manufacturing risk (i.e., availability of process, sources and materials) been considered?

Lessons Learned:
• Historically we have not adequately addressed the manufacturing risk in this phase of technology development, so we must start addressing these risk issues earlier in the system life cycle.