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Manufacturing Readiness Levels

Manufacturing Readiness harnesses the manufacturing, production, quality assurance, and industrial functions critical to achieve an operational capability that satisfies mission needs — in the quantity and quality needed to carry out assigned missions at the “best value”.
Manufacturing Readiness Levels (MRLs) were developed under the DoD ManTech program by a government/industry working group to mirror the TRL structure and process. MRLs consist of 10 levels from basic manufacturing implications to full rate production and 9 focused criterion (or threads) for each level, tied to the DoD acquisition process.
MRLs provide a common language and standard for:
  • Assessing the manufacturing maturity of a technology, product, or manufacturing process
  • Understanding the level of manufacturing risk to produce a system or transition technology into a system
  • Integration of manufacturing into the acquisition process and milestone decisions
  • Establishing the agenda for manufacturing risk management within existing Systems Engineering processes and technical reviews
  • Achieving manufacturing maturity at critical acquisition decision points
  • Pinpointing potential risk areas through independent Manufacturing Readiness Assessments (MRAs)

APT Corp., with our experienced staff and tools, conducts efficient and unobtrusive MRAs independently or in tandem with normal program reviews. APT Corp. assessments are accomplished by a small team using normal program deliverables, supplemented by focused reviews of risk areas.

APT Corp's experience and assessment tools incorporate the complex inter-relationships of the DoD Acquisition Framework including program milestones and associated exit criteria included in the graphic below.
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