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Product Maturity Metrics

Product Maturity Metrics (PMMs) are an outgrowth of Engineering Manufacturing Readiness Levels (EMRLs). PMMs are a concise and effective tool available to Program Managers to help them readily assess risks, based on the maturity of their product at key milestones or gates. PMMs are developed on sound system engineering and product management principles, and apply to any product. PMMs incorporate time certain development and delivery. This means delivering product capability within a constrained period of time, nominally ~six years from Milestone A for a complex product. Time (schedule) is a key performance parameter.


  • Measure product maturity during all phases of design, development, and production
  • Establish the level of risk at each product development milestone
  • Capture the knowledge required to successfully transition to the next phase with minimal risk
  • Measure time certain development and delivery of a product during design, development, and production
  • Are composed of five gates matched to an established product development milestone with twenty consistent criteria and corresponding metrics
APT Corp., with our experienced staff and tools, conducts efficient and unobtrusive PMM assessments independently or in tandem with normal program reviews. APT Corp. assessments are accomplished by a small team using normal program deliverables, supplemented by focused reviews of risk areas.
APT Corp's experience and assessment tools incorporate the complex inter-relationships of the DoD Acquisition Framework including program milestones and associated exit criteria included in the graphic below.
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