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Advanced Product Transitions Corp

Advanced Product Transitions Corp. (APT) is a small, veteran-owned business located in McLean, Virginia. APT provides engineering and consulting services to federal, state and local governments and commercial industry.



APT is one of the key ongoing developers of Manufacturing Readiness Level criteria, metrics, and Deskbook, AS6500 Manufacturing Management standard, the DoD PQM Body of Knowledge, Air Force Instruction 63-145 Manufacturing and Quality, and MIL-HDBK-896A Manufacturing Management Guide.

APT’s focus is on independent manufacturing and program management assessments in support of OSD, MDA, DCMA, US ARMY, US Navy, US Air Force, and commercial customers for domestic and international programs. APT is the industry leader in MRL executive and practitioner training and has conducted training for domestic and international customers.


APT has the ability to contract quickly. APT leads the way in the implementation of best practices in manufacturing, program, and risk management.

APT's Core Capabilities

  • Manufacturing and Quality Management
  • Acquisition Management
  • Independent Manufacturing Assessments
  • MRL Training and Workshops
  • AS6500 Implementation Training
  • Independent Program Risk Assessments
  • Technology Development and Transition
  • Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing Assessments
  • Proposal Justification and Support
  • Title III and National Security Space Industrial Base Analyses

Risk Management Tools

We have methodologies that streamline technology development, transition to production, and deployment and support. The APT staff is experienced in the implementation of risk assessment and program management tools and provide training or implementation support for the following:

Current Law and Policy

The National Defense Authorization Acts require specific independent assessments of technical and manufacturing risks.
Operation of the Defense Acquisition System, DoDI 5000.02, requires understanding and assessments of program and manufacturing risks for acquisition programs

Best Practices

In addition to law and policy, best practices require application of standards such as:


  •   AS6500, Manufacturing Management Program
  •   AS9100, Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations
  •   IEEE15288.2, Technical Reviews and Audits on Defense Programs
  •   AS9103, Variation Management of Key Characteristics
  •   AFI63-145, Manufacturing and Quality Requirements


APT is both a developer and practitioner of these standards.

Manufacturing Readiness Assessments (MRAs)

MRAs are integral to implementing best practices, as well as compliance with current law and policy. MRAs are used to identify production risks and develop risk mitigation plans. MRAs are formal examination of a program’s current manufacturing maturity and risks.

APT is a long-term developer of the MRL criteria and metrics, a member of the MRL Working Group since inception, and maintains the currency of the Deskbook and Matrix.

APT conducts independent assessments for government and industry programs, as well as assisting industry with proposal support based on MRL criteria.

We have also assisted industry in implementing MRAs and incorporating the MRL criteria into their risk management processes. Additionally, APT is an industry leader in MRL workshops and training, providing training for both Government and Industry.

Program Management Metrics (PMMs)

APT developed and conducts PMM assessments as a streamlined and concise method to communicate product development and production maturity. PMMs consist of five product maturity gates tied to key decision points or milestones in product development and production. PMMs provide:

•Snapshots of product status with minimal impact on resources that can be conducted during reviews (PDRs, CDRs, etc.)
•The ability to clearly display product status across the supply chain
•The ability to prioritize issues from the identified high risks that need to be immediately managed or reduced
•Insights into risk mitigation plans, investment strategies, and milestone decisions in a consistent and balanced manner

Technology Readiness Assessments (TRAs)

APT conducts TRAs as a formal, systematic, metrics -based process with an accompanying report that assesses the maturity of technologies. In a TRA the performance maturity of a technology is assessed in the appropriate environment up through operational conditions. The assessment guides planning for technology maturation.